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Dynamic Messaging

Intelligent. Contextual. Mediated.

Say Goodbye to Message Noise

Say Hello to a Smart Queue

Get into the conversations that NEED YOU
ANd out of those THAT DON'T!

Message Noise

Groups talk. A lot. Too many messages, too many notifications, too many alerts, too many conversations, too much noise. MESSAGE OVERLOAD. Everyone is trying to tell you something, but you only care about a fraction of what they have to say.

The noise is deafening, distracting and counter-productive.

Enter ConversePoint, its patented and patent-pending technologies make it the only message platform that reduces message noise by actually reducing the information you receive. PERIOD. Now you can focus on the issues that actually need you and let the others just melt away.

107T emails/14T mobile messages PER YEAR
28% of time wasted managing queue PER DAY
91% of messages deleted without being read EVERY DAY

The New InBox Zero

"You wonder why this was not invented sooner!"
Karen White, Denver, Marketing Manager

"ConversePoint removes the communication chaos."
Dr. Shawn Evans, San Diego, Chief of Staff, Scripps LaJolla

For Groups

For Enterprise

For Healthcare

We do it without filters. We don't just rely on UI.

We believe reaching In-Box Zero doesn't count if you are just shifting the piles in which your messages sit.

True In-Box Zero means the issues behind your messages are actually resolved, not just shelved.





Patented & Patent Pending